About Integrated Structures

Integrated Structures Incorporated pursues a unique vision in its development, design and construction work. The company and its people are committed to creating high-quality buildings with authentic character and palpable spirit. I.S.I. has provided design solutions for new constructiion, renovation and retrofit projects since 1982.

I.S.I. is the current evolution of professional practice for R. Gary Black, Professor of Architecture at U.C. Berkeley. Over the past tewnty five years, Black and his associates have pioneeered a design process for design-build delivery that offers a viable alternative to the traditional and rigidly defined roles of architects, engineers and contractors. In this process the architecture and engineering designs are brought into balance with construction budgets early in a project. The designs integrate the structure with the space and the system of construction to provide authentic and unique buildings.


As the name Integrated Structures implies coupled with our philosophy on the Art of Making, we believe in an integrated approach to Architectural Design, Structural Engineering and Construction Management.

ISI offers complete turn-key services for new design and construction, as well as, retrofit and restoration of historical properties.  Services include: programming and pre-schematic design, entitlement process, architectural and structural design, detailing, and construction documentation.  We also offer construction management and General contracting on both a guaranteed maximum price and a cost plus fee basis.

Our Team

R. Gary Black, President, Professional Engineer, Professor, UC Berkeley
Cullen Burda, Vice President, General Contractor
Dennis Eminhizer, Associate Designer
Rahm Rechtischaffen, Associate Designer
Shizue Seo, Architect, LEED AP
Eric Spletzer, Project Manager

User Design Process

After comprehensive interviews with our client the design process follows three stages; massing, design of exterior space, and design of interior space. At the massing stage we build a clay model of the building(s) and the topography, showing the project in its surroundings. The three dimensional model elicits visceral responses from the client allowing them to offer real insights to the design. During the subsequent stages we build larger and larger scale models in which interior spaces are detailed allowing a user to “peek inside” and register their feelings. The “user design process” makes ISI’s designs as unique and individual as our clients.

Continuous Design

The essential character of ISI buildings is achieved through the continuous design process - a process which extends the creative work into the construction phases - thus allowing for value based decisions that balance cost with quality.  It is this process, where ISI adapts the details to the spirit of the whole, that gives the buildings their life.

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the art of making
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