Wines & Vines“Bale Construction Turns Straw Into Gold”
by Jane Firstenfeld, Wines&Vines April 2005

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Custom Home“Screen Gem”
by Bruce D. Snider, Custom Home March 2005

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Building Innovations Building Innovations, Disaster Mitigation “New Wall System Lowers Risks”
by R. Gary Black, Builder and Developer, Volume 14 No. 1, January 2004

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Designing Green “Rancho Arroyo Grande: A New Standard for California Wineries”
by Claire E. Tamburro, AISD Case studies in Sustainable Design

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Designing Green “A Study in Cardboard”
by Daniel Gregory Sunset, January 1997

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Designing Green Educational Interiors Showcase American Schools and University
August 2001 Bronze Citation for Common Spaces

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Designing Green “Above Ground “Caves,” Icons of the California Wine Country”
by R. Gary Black Vineyard & Winery Management, Vol. 28 No. 1, January/ February 2002

Designing Green “if you build it, what will come?”
by Cheryl Weber Residential Architect, March 2002

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Designing Green “The Mary Rose Museum”
by Christopher Alexander, Gary Black and Miyoko Tsutsui, Oxford University Press 1995

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Designing Green “Visual Basics, In making key decisions Gary Black trusts his eyes”
by Bruce D. Snider Custom Home, July/ August 2002

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Designing Green “Amador Cellars, Integrated Structures Erect Straw Bale Winery”
by Ted Rieger Vineyard & Winery Management, Vol. 30 No. 1, January/ February 2004

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Gary Black and his associates at Integrated Structures pursue research and publish articles from time to time in a number of different areas relating to the built environment. You are invited to view these articles in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format via the links below.

Spar and Membrane Structure – The Last Straw, No. 17. Winter 1997
By R. Gary Black and Henri Mannik

Sacred Space
– by R. Gary Black

“Report on The Application of Finite Element Analysis to Historic Structures, Westminster Hall, London” – by E. Toby Morris, R. Gary Black and Stephen Tobriner

“Design of Concrete Tracery Trusses to Define Architectural Space” – by R. Gary Black

Straw Bale (SMS) Brochure – by Integrated Structures

SMS Fire and Earthquake Brochure
– by Integrated Structures


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